144 MW Volodymyrets Wind Power Plant

The Ukrainian company MCL Group invites potential investors to contribute to Ukraine’s recovery through the joint implementation of a wind power project in the North-West of Ukraine

The Ukrainian company MCL Group began development of the Volodymyrets WPP in 2020 and as of the beginning of a full-scale russian invasion reached a “ready to build” status for the first phase with a capacity of 72 MW. The second phase with a similar capacity is available for joint development.

The project is being implemented in the west of Ukraine, in the Rivne region (130 km to the border with Poland), in an area with well-developed electrical and transport infrastructure. Construction of the first phase of the future Volodymyrets WPP envisages the installation of 12 modern wind turbines with a unit capacity of 6 MW. The company began a wind measurement campaign back in March 2020 at a height of 123 m in close cooperation with German GeoNET Gmbh that lasted for the next two years until February 2022. According to the results received, the average annual forecast wind speed is 6.9 m/s at hub height while the annual electricity generation is projected at 240 GWh. Once fully operational, the wind farm by MCL Group will reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 108 927 tonnes annually.


Profitable features of this wind project

  1. Flexibility of investment decision-making.The capacity of the first phase is divided between 4 legal entities, which creates flexible conditions for potential cooperation depending on the investor’s capabilities.
  2. Highly developed transport and grid network.Rivne region has a favorable geographical position and a developed transport network. Around 5 highways and numerous railway lines across this region, so the logistical issue does not require much financial effort. In addition, the future WPP will be located near the Rivne NPP, one of the largest electricity donors in Ukraine. The calculated distance from the wind farm to its 110/35 kW substation is up to 2 km, through which it will be connected to the general power grid.
  3. Guaranteed and stable income.The key revenue tool for this project is a long-term corporate PPA. The company already has a large industrial consumer ready to buy 100% of the generated electricity.
  4. Long-running cooperation.Сooperation with the MCL company suggests a long-term perspective both within this wind power project and other company services.
  5. The opportunity to become a long-term player in Ukraine’s RES market, which will gain momentum after the war. The end of the war and Ukraine’s victory, the flow of money into the Ukrainian economy as well as Ukraine’s integration into the EU will bring the Ukrainian RES market, especially the wind one, to a new development and profitability level.